Things You Don't Know About Dating & Marriage

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This book is dedicated to my dear friend Mary Crawford. Pastor Crawford had a community organization called “Beyond the Abuse”. She was very passionate about helping and educating women about domestic violence. It is because of her loss of dear ones, she set out to help as many women as she possibly could throughout her lifetime. Things You Don’t Know About Dating & Marriage That Could Hurt You is a book that contains practical, spiritual insights and references on dating as well as how to have a successful marriage. It contains great information on how to have a blessed and beautiful life!

Drawing of Jesus

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BORNE OF A DREAM, DRAWING BRINGS TO LIFE A VISIONARIES GREATEST PASSION. 8x10 Black & white (matte finish) Over 15 years ago Devine had a dream, or even a vision some might dare to say, that today, has finally come to life in the form a gorgeous, poignant piece called Jesus, The Jewish Messiah. This drawing depicts the face of Jesus as seen by Matthews in a dream. “I could see his face vividly.  It was like a flash and that was the end of my dream,” Matthews recalled of her life altering night. “When I awoke up I was ecstatic!  I was excited!

Help LORD! I'm In Trouble

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After 10 years in the making, author Devine Matthews is ready to share her heart. In her new book, Help Lord! I’m In Trouble, Matthews speaks candidly about some of the trials and tribulations that have made her who she is today; a woman of unshakable faith and unwavering passion for life and for God. From severe health problems to homelessness, Matthew’s journey through life has taken her through some of the lowest valleys of human emotion. “Every person will encounter some kind of trouble and turmoil in their journey,” Matthews says. “This book will provide readers with spiritual insight and a better understanding of why God allows trouble and rain to fall into our lives.” Help Lord! I’m In Trouble goes on to discuss what to do when you’re faced with trouble and contains great scriptural references. “For every problem we face, there is a promise from the Lord!” Matthews exclaims. “This divinely inspired and timely book will encourage you to run the race set before you.” BOOK REVIEWS: I was going through a difficult time in my life and I read Devine's book "Help LORD! I'm in Trouble" and I began to weep. I received great inspiration from it. It made me realized that no matter what is going on in your life God is always the answer. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is going through a hard time. This book will truly give you hope. Marie Bradley - Panama Florida I just received this book and I cannot put it down. It is very inspirational! Orenal Jones - Los Angeles, California What a powerful book that will truly minister to your spirit. It encourages us through scripture and personal testimony to trust God in all of our circumstances. This is one investment in your spiritual growth that will bless you over and over again. Devine Matthews, God bless you for your obedience in giving us this timely book. Minister Anita Santos - Pomona, California